Online Casino Games - The House Edge


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Online Casino Games - The House Edge

Ask any experienced gambler and he’ll tell you that some casino games give players a better chance at winning than others.
Whether it is because of the different house edge certain games feature or because the nature of the game favours players more,
the fact remains that some casino games are “more fair” than others.

The one game that does in fact feature a very high house edge and leaves players in the lurch when it comes to winning, is keno.
Even though it’s an interesting game to play, it is not advisable to play it if your main goal is to walk away with some cash from the casino.

Roulette is another one of these games that feature a very high house edge. There are two variants of this game namely, the American version and the European
that has the additional “00” slot to the wheel that increases the house edge.
There should be no doubt in your mind which one of these variants you should choose when playing.
In addition to this difference, there are certain rules (like “in prison”) in certain online and offline casinos
that lower the advantage even more than the house already has on its players.

Roulette is indeed one of the more complex games.
How much the house edge will amount to, depends on many factors
that has nothing to do with actual gameplay, but the type of bet you make will play an important part.
Because there are a multitude of bets one can choose to make when playing Roulette,
the knowing of how much to wager and when to play can be considered a form of strategy.
Lots of folks will argue that there is no such thing as a winning roulette strategy, but
that doesn’t mean that there aren’t strategies to help reduce the house edge.

Likewise, slots are considered an exclusively luck-based game as there is not much one can achieve strategy-wise
especially with the latest slot machines that run on the electronic random number generators and calculating odds for different combinations is impossible.
There are however certain things that you can do in order to diminish the house edge. By playing maximum coins to be eligible for jackpots, playing machines with certain pay-lines, playing machines with a certain number of reels and proper bankroll management are all things you can do to improve your game.

At the top of the casino game list are games where the odds are in the player’s favour.
To a certain extent video poker would be an example here, but real live poker or online poker are the best possible specimens.

There is a hefty element of skill involved in video poker to second the luck factor.
Whenever skilled players get the upper hand then the house edge will take a serious knock.
Online poker requires a lot of skill and it makes no sense for the house to directly go up against players.

In poker, it is impossible for a player to secure a lasting edge that is not based on skill.

The most lucrative games for players are the ones that are mostly based on skill.

The less skill a game requires, the easier it is for gamblers to play it.
The house however will ensure that the house-edge is high
The more skill a player requires to master a certain game, the less the house can do to impose its edge.
These games however, take serious time and energy to master.
Every gambler has to decide for himself whether or not to play against a high house edge.

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Last Updated 28 December 2013
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